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Saturday, October 14, 2017

Let the Fun Begin

I always love a fun challenge!  Even though I am in time-crunch mode for Copic Boot Camp I just couldn't resist this!  Thank you to Janice for thinking up this bit of fun.

What was the challenge?  The challenge was to take her card of inspiration and create it again with more dimension, anyway we saw fit.  She challenged Barb with Little Miss Muffet (Using one of her Polka Dot Pal - Kacee) and then in turn Barb "made" me do it too.  We didn't get to see the other's creation until it was all done.

Here is mine...I wanted to add a bit more of a realistic spider and web.  Googling images online for reference really creeped me out (hate spiders and googling spider on nose was even worse...don't do it)

Polka Dot Pals are image with just dots for eyes...leaving lots of space for being creative.  So cute even as they are, but for me it's an empty palette waiting to be colored!

Here is Janice's original card which brought on the challenge.  I love what she came up with and it filled me with inspiration and fun ideas.  How clever to add a spider to the nose and fun little mesh stockings.  I really loved the fact she stayed away from colors and only added a color pop of red!

You can find the info for Janice's card HERE

Barb, being the queen of Creative Color placement added her special touch and stayed a little more true to the "face painting idea Janice had with the spider webs.  I love how she added blue eyes that stand out.  I also thought that adding a shadow of the dress in the X-ray was clever!  Once again...never disappoints!

Info on Barbara's card HERE.

As an added Bonus Barb challenges you to turn this little cute into whatever you want by adding a little Creative Color Placement.  This digital is on sale for a limited time HERE.  Go grab Kacee from the Little Miss Muffet store and I challenge you to get creative.  You can show off what you created on the LMM blog HERE

T1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 100
(I think and mostly because some of them were getting dry and sticky...time to refill)
R24 R29
Multiliner .005 and .3

Can't wait to see what you create with a Polka Dot Pal...make sure you show me or tag me on Facebook!!!

Saturday, October 7, 2017

Cork It! - Copic Must Haves

I love cork paper and Imagination International took it to the next level with Cork Deco Tape.  I used this 1" wide Cork Tape and my Fence Border Die to create this scene using stamps and dies from Crafting' Desert Divas (one of our amazing Copic Boot Camp sponsors). 

I used a bit of glossy paper and used alcohol ink to create the sky.  Using a second piece of glossy paper I airbrushed some random green colors and ran it though my die cut machine using Craftin' Desert Divas Fall Border die.  This die comes with hilly trees, hilly houses and a another fun hilly stitched border.  Once I had it all cut out I stamped on Hammermill paper the cute little Barnyard animals from Crafting' Desert Divas.  These little 1" cuties are a quick color.  I cut out some of the cows and placed them on the hillside.  Using the fence die I placed it over a strip of the Cork Deco Tape and ran it through the die cut machine.  The deco tape has a protected adhesive on one side of the cork so it works nice in a die cut machine without making a mess.  You just peel and stick on your project.  The Cork tape can easily be colored on using Copics (can you see I added a fence shadow with a brown marker?), I also wanted to add a complimenting banner using the cork paper.  Using Versafine ink I stamped the sentiment from an old sentiment set from Stampendous (SSC1203), that went with it perfectly. 

I love how sturdy the Cork Deco tape is.  The roll of Cork Deco Tape comes with 1 yard total to play with.  I am looking forward to my next project because the possibilities of stamping and coloring on it are great ;)  I think it would be perfect for a woodland scene.  The Cork Deco Tape is available now.  What are some ideas you can come up with using Cork Deco Tape?  What kind of crafty goodness will you use it for?

Cows R000 R11
Cows C1 C3
Fence E44
Sky Refill B21
Trees YG13 G46

Thursday, October 5, 2017

Glitz and Glam - Copic Must haves

I am so super excited to tell you that Copic now has 1" wide Glitter Deco Tape!  Are you aware of all the things you can do with this stuff?  This is a great size spool of the yummy shimmer and glimmer, 30 feet to be exact.  It is acid free so you can use it in your scrapbooking, its perfect for shimmer without the mess of loose glitter in your journaling, and large enough to use it with die cuts.  This is just how I decided to use it.
I used a wide strip of the Glitter Deco Tape under the sentiment directly onto the card front and placed a small piece onto lightweight paper and used a leaf punch.  I then glued the leaves around the giraffe using the Nuvo Deluxe Adhesive craft glue.   Placing a long piece of the Glitter Deco Tape onto some wax paper and I used a large grass punch to punch out the lower grass strip.  I peeled it off the wax paper and stuck it straight over the lion.  

See how well it shimmers.  Wow!  I love this wide size!  The Glitter Deco Tape comes in 4 colors, gold, silver, black and copper, so you have lots of options.  I bet you can airbrush them to change the color of the tape to match your project too.  Oooooh, more ideas running through my head already!

For this card I used one of my Copic Boot Camp wonderful sponsors My Favorite Things stamp set called Wild About You.  They spoil us rotten, and I love their products and am super proud to represent! 

 I cut out the card front with the Lawn Fawn rectangle stitch die.  When I had the card assembled I added some decor to the cute giraffe using my favorite Nuvo Crystal drops (Tonic Studios is another super amazing Copic Boot Camp sponsor, of which spoils us!  I love their products and look forward to using them every chance I get).

If you love shimmer, glimmer, bling you will want to get yourself hooked up with this 1" of yumminess!  I can't wait to see how you use it!


YR21 YR14 YR27 RV69 RV99  

Sunday, October 1, 2017

The Sinew Sailor - ARG!

Ahoy ye Halloween lovin' scalleywag!  

Sum Scar'y loot be happenin'!  Read On Matey!!!  Don't ye be skeerd!

I thought I would have some fun with....Tommy paint and some garbage this week.  Yes, garbage I say!

First I took a box that my new Tim Holtz Stamp Platform came in, (by the way it comes very nicely packaged), and decided to use it as a frame for my project.  I needed brown paper so waited for Amazon to stop by and drop off a package knowing that there would be packaging paper inside...and yes it did!  I gathered some of my gaudy bling and buttons.  Got out my Tonic Silver Nuvo Gilding flakes and Indian Gold Nuvo Embellishment Mousse.  I got one of my favorite metal stencils from Stampendous, .  I grabbed my Air Compressor, black Copic marker and Ruby red Tommy chalk paint and got to work!

Here are some of the gruesome details.  I honestly didn't know what I was doing and the whole project was a big crafty, messy, mysterious project of which I had no clue of the results with a vague idea of what I was doing.  I was totally flying by the seat of my pants of this!

I literally started with a roll of scotch tape and some brown paper and the bottom of a box.

After I laid out something that resembled a skull...kinda sorta...I grabbed the hot glue gun and started attempting to glue it together (as the tape wasn't holding.  It sorta worked.  The messy project was taking shape.
Once it was all holding together (more or less) I grabbed my Ruby Tommy Chalk Paint and proceeded to paint the whole thing in red.  The one thing I love about the Tommy chalk paint is the vibrancy of the colors.  I also love that a little paint goes a long way.  After the Tommy Chalk paint quickly dried,  I got out my black (100) Copic marker and Copic Airbrush machine and covered the whole thing in black...crossing fingers my experiment would work.  Taking rubbing alcohol I started wiping off as much black as I could to allow the red to show through.  It worked!

I rubbed the cardboard frame with Black Ash Nuvo Embellishment Mousse and let dry.  I decided to top it off with the Silver Bullion Gilding Flakes, just a thin layer of adhesive I rubbed on the flakes and brushed off the excess.  Next I and added a design on the frame with the Indian Gold Nuvo Mousse, the stampendous stencil and a palette knife.

I glued on a bandana, pirate earring, made a eye patch and glued on some pirate loot!  What a fun spooky decoration.  Maybe he needs some lights to light up his eyeball socket.

 For all those who love the spooky side of things...what do you think?  See you can create fun stuff out of garbage!

Tuesday, September 26, 2017

Hang In There, I Gotcha Covered!

We have a bit of Riley & Company, Creative Basic Dies by Rhea and My Favorite Things going on.  Our newest Copic Boot Camp Sponsors are showing some love and so I thought I would show some right back!  

Here is a fun card I created with Balloons Riley.  I added some tiny facial features to him...I think he is all puckered up...I know I would be if this happened to me.  Once colored I added him to a card base I created using the Clouds to Waves dies by Rhea.  I ran them through an embossing folder for added texture after I did a little cloud airbrushing on the background.  I used my new Thank You circle frame to feature Riley and called it done!

Riley the Moose is always getting into something.  This is no exception.  The same company that does Riley & Co. also works with Karen Burniston and carries the Prickley Pair  as well as the Funny Bones line of stamps.   If you want to chuckle your heart out you must check them out HERE.

Thank you to all the sponsors for this years event.  You make it extra special!

Monday, September 25, 2017

WhoOOo Knew?!

Crafter Companion is totally spoiling us at Copic Boot Camp this year!  They have always been great sponsors.  I love the fact that even though it is Copic Boot Camp, where we go full-on Copics, Crafters Companion knows we are all working towards the same thing...being creative, and coloring our hearts out.  They sure do spoil!  Super Cool company!!
This year the attendees get to take home some awesome Colorista Paper pads and markers too, as well as some other fun goodies.  I took a moment to play with the Colorista markers and one of the 5x7 paper pads and created this card.   The Colorista Paper pads are fancy adult (or kid) coloring books.  They come in different sizes and are either partially foiled or glittered.  You can't go wrong with either!  I colored and cut this guy down to fit on 4.25 x 5.5 card front.  What fun use of a coloring page.  The paper is quite thick, so the bleed-through is very minimal.  They are also one sided images so you are not wasting the backside of the page ruining another image.

Thank you Crafters Companion for sending us the Spectrum Noir fun Colorista Paper Pads and goodies to play with!

If you are not attending this years event, Copic Boot Camp, you can check out the Spectrum Noir Colorista line of products HERE.  I totally would recommend you grab yourself some of the Colorista Paper Pads no matter what markers or colored pencils you use!!!

Saturday, September 23, 2017

Making the World Brighter 358 Colors at a Time

How about something a bit different today?  Well I have it for you!!  I did a little Zweckentfremdung.  What is this you ask?  It's a diversion from somethings proper use.  Well that is what an outside-the-box thinker does every chance they get.  Today I took my Sketch Copic's, Copic airbrush machine and my wonderfully new white Dr. Martens and created some magic.

Anything white is just asking for color! The world isn't black and's over 358 shades of color don't you think?  At least in my color box it is!

The surface I colored has a slight gloss to it and is not porous in any way, so I thought this would be a perfect canvas for creativity!  I airbrushed what ever color made me happy at that moment...and they all did.
Once I was completely done, I spritzed it with 91% rubbing alcohol and watched the magic happen.  I will give them some time to completely dry (alcohol evaporating) and then try to seal them with leather sealer...fingers crossed it works...and if not I will wipe them down and do it again.  The world is a better place with Dr martens and Copic least my world!

What kind of Zweckentfremdung will you come up with?  Get that mind thinking outside-the-box!

Friday, September 22, 2017

Wishing You a Love of a Lifetime - HOP

Here is a card I made for a very special lady, Marcy,  on a very special day like today!  I used one of her own delicious images "Apples in Seasons" from Power Poppy.  I really enjoyed the extra time it took to create this for an amazing person and her husband!

Marcy and Doug - Oh happy day!!  Congratulations on this special day of marriage!  May you continue to grow in love FOR each other.  May you wake up every day to the love of your life, and go to bed with a feeling of being complete.  May the bumps in the road be only that, a bump, bringing more adventure and memories.  That you will looks back and say you are stronger together because of it all.  May you share a lifetime of love that grows stronger with every breath.  With rain comes blossoms, with love comes strength.  Hoping this day brings blessings that last a life time!

Love you sweet Marcy (and Doug)!

Jennifer Dove

PS.  Doug, be forever good to your sweet lady,  or I will kick your Aspen...and your Sage Brush!

Be sure and see the other lovely ladies creations for Marcy, and leave Marcy love HERE on the Power Poppy blog

Jennifer Dove - you are here

YG01 YG03 YG17 YG67
BV00 BV01 BV02 BV04
R81 RV34 R89
E43 E44 E49


Sunday, September 17, 2017

Color of the Day 227

***Please note that I color using the lightest color first, dark, medium and back to light.  I only slightly blend the edge of the last color placed.  Then add the shadow. 

If you miss one of the combo's you can find it on the side of the blog labeled "Color of The Day".  Please realize that your computer screen and printer can change the way you see it or how the colors print, but if you try it yourself you will get some fun combos...promise!

Also, feel free to pin them.  I ask that you do not sell them printed out, do not place them on your personal blog but rather link to mine.  These are for personal use only.   Leave me some love if you want to see more!

Thank you to all my followers and fans from all over the world.

Saturday, September 16, 2017

Oh Mummy

A little Mummy love coming your way.  Thank you to this years newest Copic Boot Camp sponsor, Rhea, with Creative Basics Dies by Rhea.  She has some fabulous new dies out, that are manufactured through C.C. Designs.   Do you want to know what I did to make this?

All you need is the new Clouds to Waves die and I also used Cutting Edge Borders 1 Die set (but you can just use regular strips of paper).  Cut a 4.25 x 5 piece a paper so you have a top and bottom piece.  Draw eyes on the smaller piece (or add googly-eyes later).   I cut strips of papers and colored one of the edges of each strip.   I criss-crossed them and added shadows with my markers.  Next I used the Clouds to Waves die set...medium die, and cut the edge of the layers to remember a mouth.  Adhere over a piece of grey cardstock.  Quick, easy...DONE!

I added a sentiment using the new dies from My Favorite Things to finish it off.

Wednesday, September 13, 2017

Color of the Day 226

***Please note that I color using the lightest color first, dark, medium and back to light.  I only slightly blend the edge of the last color placed.  Then add the shadow. 

If you miss one of the combo's you can find it on the side of the blog labeled "Color of The Day".  Please realize that your computer screen and printer can change the way you see it or how the colors print, but if you try it yourself you will get some fun combos...promise!

Also, feel free to pin them.  I ask that you do not sell them printed out, do not place them on your personal blog but rather link to mine.  These are for personal use only.   Leave me some love if you want to see more!

Thank you to all my followers and fans from all over the world.

Tuesday, September 12, 2017

Copic Must Haves - Stencil Sheets

Ok...You must read this post!  Oh my, this was the craziest, fun project I just did!  I got this material X-Press It Stencil Sheets from Imagination International and have been racking my brain trying to think of something fabulous to do with it.  Although there are many uses I wanted something a bit unique.  All of a sudden BAM!  I thought of something and had to try.  I have included step by step on how it was achieved as well as what NOT to do...

For this project I used:

Cutting Knife
Cutting Mat
 Transfer Tape (I used packaging tape)
Printed Image
Piece of old sheet music
Copic Marker C9
Copic Blender Marker


Stencil sheet packages come with extra thick vinyl sheets that are sticky on one side a thick piece of white protective cover on the other side.  This is a low tack product which is reusable over and over again.  It doesn't even leave residue on your projects.  You can use it with cutting dies, or computerized cutters.  Here is how I put it to use!

Step 1:  Print an image in black and white.  The simpler the image the better.  Tape the image to the non-sticky portion of the stencil sheet.  I would put two-sided tape on the back of the whole image so that when you cut it apart the portion you are keeping stays put, (...not like I did which was the hard way). 
Step 2:  Cut away the black portion of the image.  BE SURE your blade is sharp or it will not cut through the rubber-like stencil sheet.  Do not cut through the white protective cover of the stencil sheet.  If you have multiple pieces that are not connected put a piece of transfer tape over the non sticky side to hold the pieces in the right spots.  I didn't have transfer tape so I used packaging tape that I made slightly less sticky using lint from my works but is not the best thing to use.

Step 3:  Remove all the cut-out "back portion" pieces.  This is called weeding an image.  All that you should have left is the portions that were white AND the white backing.  ***I didn't because my cuts didn't go through the rubber sheets due to dull knife.
Step 4:  Remove the white protective covering from the stencil sheet.  Place the sticky side of the stencil sheet down onto your paper.  I used old music paper because its soft and I can move the color around after airbrushing.

Step 5:  Remove the transfer tape and discard

Step 6:  Using the Airbrushing machine, airbrush around the stencil.  You can also use a distress ink pad instead if you don't have an airbrush machine

Step 7:  Remove stencil and using a blender pen soften edges of the image if desired.  (you can also use multiple marker colors to blend in towards the white area is the paper isn't soft like old  music sheets.

I hope you enjoyed the process and give it a try one of these crafty days.  I look forward to playing more with it too!!!

- Jenn Dove

Monday, September 11, 2017

You are Gorjuss!

 It has been a delight to work with 7Kids Craft Store.  They are a new sponsor for Copic Boot Camp this year and their online store is filled with yummy stuff at great prices.  They carry the Gorjuss collections and I am so in love with these.   You can check them out HERE.  I know I am a new fan to these stamps and you will see a lot more of them from me.

Thank you to 7KidsCraftStore.Com

E50 E51 E21 BV20  BV23
Hair E44 E49 C9
R24 E27 R27
C1 C3 C5 C7

Sunday, September 10, 2017


First off a huge shout out to Bloobel Stamps for being such a great sponsor for Copic Boot Camp over the years.  Lisa is TOP KNOTCH!  Not only is she sweet, generous but also a fabulously quirky illustrator.  I love to call her my friend!  Every time I see a new released digital image,  I grin ear to ear.  I want them all...NEED them all!  Have you seen her latest?
This cute looking image "Cat Girl" is now available and I have to tell you I had a hard time deciding what color to choose for her clothes.  She has so many themes she could be dressing up for.  Halloween, Christmas, snow fun, Easter, a night with the hubby (wanted to see if you were still reading).  You gotta snag her up and check out the other stuff Lisa has going on in the store.

I used Pinky Rectangles from CC Designs to finish her off.  This Die set is normally $23.00 and is on sale for $6.90!!!  While supplies last...better get it now!!  Go HERE

E50 E51 E21 BV20 BV23
R81 R83 R85
G20 G21 G24
C1 C3 C5 C7 C9 100

Tuesday, September 5, 2017

A Big Thank You

My Favorite Things, you ARE totally awesome!!  This adorable clear set "springtime critters" is just the sweetest!
I wanted to give a shout out to My Favorite Things.  They have been such an amazing sponsor for the Copic Boot Camp Event.  They have beautiful stamps, dies and more and everyone that is attending this years event is going to be getting some MFT yumminess.  They are such a blessing and run their company with such a sweet and creative spirit...even down to their shipping packages.  If you are not familiar with their products you can find their store HERE

E81 84 87 89
G20 21 24
C00 1 3 5 

You can find this set Springtime Critters HERE


Merriest Berries

Feeling festive with this new digital stamp from Power Poppy - Merriest Berries.  I enjoyed taking a moment for some relaxing downtime even if it was at 620am.  I have got to utilize every quiet moment around here.  I really tried to keep this card clean and simple.  Yes, this is MY clean and simple!

I fussy cut around a portion of the image so I could slip in the Lawn Fawn Cross-stitched die under some of the ribbon and leaves.  It added that perfect something to this card to complete it.  You can grab your Power Poppy digital now as its just been released!!  All colors and links below!

Ribbon R20 21 22 24
Candy Cane C00 1 3 5, R35 29 59
Holly G20 21 24 28
Mistletoe BG90 93 96 99 G20
Mistletoe Berries BG90 C3 BV20
Shadows BV20 BV23

Sunday, September 3, 2017

I Have Happy Feet

I am in the middle of moving into an RV full time and incorporating a studio that can travel.  As I was sorting what is staying and what is going to be given away to friends (due to weight and space in an RV),  creativity got the better of me and I stopped organizing for enough time to create something super fun.  Using the Tonic Studios die "Happy Penguin" I grabbed the 8"x8" Christmas Wishes paper pack that I had been holding on to for some special cards.

Did you know Tonic has paper packs?  They come in 8"x8" and have 3 single sided sheets of each pattern.  I was pleasantly surprised they even had 6 sheets of sentiment toppers in the one I have.  I love that they are single sided too...that way I don't waste a cool pattern on the back.

I started out with cutting the die on black cardstock.  The Happy Penguin die gives a beautiful thin lined image that is nice on its, own but I can never stop with simple...I have to load it up.

Next I ran the die through my die cut machine and embossed the image on white cardstock with a rubber spacer so I could see the impression of the die but it wouldn't cut through the paper (I got lazy and didn't test my pressure or mist the paper with water first so it wouldn't crack, but I was going to color it anyways so I didn't redo it, pretty much got lazy).

Once both pieces were done I colored in the spaces that would show through the die cut lines and then glued down the black cut out piece directly over the uncolored portion.  I also created a second lined piece using white so I could color and cut out the beak and the feet.

I then assembled the card...I added Nuvo Crystal Drops White for the snow around the main image.  I also added buttons with nice fat Nuvo drops on them.  Have you tried this and had the Nuvo drops sink into the button holes creating uneven drops?  A simple fix is to add a mini Glue Dot to the top o the button and then add the Nuvo on top of the Glue Dot, that way its can't sink into the holes.  You are welcome!

Make sure when you are coloring it up you do some fun cast shadows on the outside of the image to make it look dimensional.  It's the wow factor!

All I can say is this was super fun and easy to create!  Now back to organizing my RV studio so I can play more later.