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Tuesday, August 15, 2017

With a Cherry On Top

In my coloring craze I printed out this wonderful Cherries and Berries digital stamp by Power Poppy.  This was a fun relaxing image to color and kept me smiling all the way to the last flick.  Marcella (who is as sweet as cherry pie), has some amazing new images and stamps out and if you haven't taken a look at Power Poppy lately it should be your next stop!  

Sometimes with reds I find that I use a bit more ink then normal so I will use Copic X-Press it Blending Card.  It give me more room for layers of ink.

If you ever find yourself struggling to get a perfect blend on the card stock you are using, have you tried Copic X-Press It Blending Card?  For most people it is really easy to find a place that sells it locally.  If you find that your colors tend to bleed outside the lines then you should make a switch.  Some great features about this card stock is it is ultra smooth and has a very silky finish.  This is important when coloring with Copic Markers.  It can handle many layers of ink before it becomes oversaturated.  If you tend to color from dark to light you will have a much easier time getting smooth blends using this paper.  Some people have a hard time getting the right paper to feed through their printer when doing digital stamps but this paper is the perfect thickness for running through a printer too.  If you haven't been using quality paper you will be totally amazed by the difference this paper brings to your coloring skills!  

YG03 YG17 YG67
R02 R14 E29
E42 E44
BV20 BV23 BV29

Monday, August 14, 2017

Let's Get Inky!

Do I Have Your Attention?!?!?
Well good then the picture worked!

I wanted to talk a little about something I find quite enjoyable to do.  Getting messing with Alcohol Ink (AI).  There is a huge trend in AI artwork lately and recently was pointed to a Facebook group that is all about AI.  Very addicting!  Most of the artwork is created on Yupo paper or glossy tiles but I find I like to work on glossy card stock.  You can also use the back of glossy photo paper.

For this project I wanted to create a deep sea background.  Here are the supplies I used:

Glossy Cardstock
Various Refills (YG25, B26, BV20, BV29)
Ranger Mini Mister filled with 91% alcohol 
Various Blender Solution with the Refill Booster
Copic Airbrush System
Curad Alcohol Pads
My imagination

Step 1 - drop random drops of different colors of the various refill onto glossy cardstock and watch them overlap and mix.  The alcohol will evaporate out on its own.

Step 2 - Once the drops have settled down I assist in color merging by adding blending solution randomly with the Copic Booster needle.

Step 3 - after giving it a moment to do its magic I will use the Copic Airbrush system to push some of the thicker and wet areas around.  This will quickly evaporate the alcohol in the ink.   Notice I am just using the air from the machine and not using any markers. 

Step 4 - To give it a more marbled look I mist it lightly with alcohol in a mini mister.

Here is the spritz results as it starts to marbleize.

Cool info - If you have some thicker areas or wish to have a bit more of a controlled blend you can use these handy alcohol wipes with a blotting motion.

Step 5 - Next I repeat the 2 - 4 until i get the look I like.  You can also add more colors or more blending solution depending on if you want it richer or more translucent.  

If you let the ink slightly dry prior to "blowing" with the Copic airbrush system you will get very cool "fingers" that come off the ink puddles.

Here is the finale of this fun project.  How gorgeous is this?  You can also add some texture using a "water" brush filled with alcohol.  How about adding accents with a white gel pen accenting certain areas.  I love this technique when i want paper to compliment a image I am coloring.

Here is a fun card I created using one of Lisa's seriously quirky images.  This is Bloobel Stamps image "Angry Shark" is scary funny.  I thought this Alcohol Ink airbrushed background was perfect for a deep dark underwater scene.  By the way....I prefer dark chocolate.

Do you own an airbrush system?  So many of my student tell me they have one but have never taken it out of the box.  Just plain silly I say!!   Now is your chance!

If you are looking into getting one I would recommend this system.   I leave my air compressor  ready to go at all time and because its out and available I am more likely to use it for everything from background to coloring ribbon and buttons, making fluffy paper towel clouds for my cards, dusting a bit of color in an art journal and more.  

So you don't get left with nightmares from a shark attack I thought I would leave you with some cute fairies I did using the same concept.  
 See how versatile this technique is?  I hope you get to find time to pull out the air compressor and create! 

- Jenn Dove

Hang in There!

If you need a chuckle in your life go check out the digital images from Bloobel.  She has something for all occasions.  This little crustacean looked like it would be super fun to color it I did!  And fun it was!!  I used a new Tonic Studios die called Classic Quatrefoil.  It reminded me of a crab pot net.  I love the simplicity of the card.

This die from Tonic Studios has 2 pieces, an outer die and inside.  You can use them together or separate.  I just used the inside for this card.  I will put this die in my favorites pile.

C0 C1 C5 C7
BV20 BV23 BV25
R02 R14 R29

Sunday, August 13, 2017

Coloring IS Therapy

I have recently been a bit down, withdrawn, angry, depressed...yes, all of that rolled up into a big ball of...DON'T MESS WITH ME!  I have been evaluating what in my life has changed...well we all know my precious gift of a little girl is one huge change of which is top priority in my life.  I have also been trying to eliminate clutter and move our important items into an RV that we will live in full time.   These are huge life changes.  In the process I have been unable to color from either lack of time or lack of supplies because most is packed.  It seams when I got a moment to color it was because of a commitment and in the time alotted had to be done so quickly the enjoyment was dwindling.   I felt so overwhelmed with life.   I found myself sitting around, playing with my baby girl and flipping through social media to pass the day (you can only hit refresh so many times before there is no more to refresh).  What long days they are.  I felt that if I didn't have enough time to be creative from start to finish (find my mojo, color and create) that I would spend time doing "nothing" instead.  So for months I have done little to nothing.  I felt myself slipping into a depression, being angry at the world and jealous of all those people making things on the groups I follow.

I usually am the sounding board for my friends but this time it was me doing most of the talking.  My  friends listened to my angry ranting and raving, pissed off at the world, with an overload of self pity, Talking really helped pull me out of my wasn't because they said to go color (although that was said too), it was because they made me laugh, I forgot about all my whoas for a moment.  They encouraged me to try a little coloring...nothing I had to do, but rather to color something just because.  WHOA!  Now mind you my days are the same routine as before but over the last few days I have colored about 10 images...somehow juggling the little one and life.  Yes, my house is a disaster, but I feel a weight lifted and feel so inspired that I will just allow the house to wait.  Coloring IS therapy!  

For those of you who are feeling the same way.  Feeling that life is just to much and doesn't allow you to be creative...take a moment for you.  You might be a little artistically rusty but that will go away once you oil your mojo.  Don't wait until you have it now.

Ok, this therapy session was free....go find you!!

PS.  I am one worry...this too will pass....I can feel the Copics running through my veins again   COPICS FOREVER...HOUSEWORK WHENEVER!

Be Unique, Be Colorful

I thought I would be extra colorful with this new stamp Unicorn Lucy from CCDesigns.  I actually was surprised on how difficult it is to do the rainbow blend.  I think I pulled it off good enough but next time will add a few more colors to the blend.  Super fun just the same!!
As I do not have my huge supply of paper and dies at my location I got creative and colored the hills to match and then added the black lines with a Copic Gasenfude.  I love how you can easily do a thick to thin line.   I textured the hills with blender solution and a terry cloth.   I did bring a favorite Lawn Fawn die, Little Picket Fence Border , with me so I topped it off with this amazing fence.  I used my Dandelion Yellow Nuvo Crystal Drops to add a sunshine and Make it Crafty chipboard words for the sentiment.
Of course I couldn't leave the face as it comes on the rubber stamp, but instead added a little creative color placement by adding eyes and a nose.  I think she would look sweet either way but its always a challenge to myself to get better at those little faces.  

You can find the supplies I used below with some links to my Amazon Affiliate account.

Skin - E50 E51 E21
Eyes - C00 C1 C3 C5 pencil B91 B97
Rainbow Blend - R11 Y04 YG25 BG45 B24
Shading - C1 C3 C5
Hair - C10 C7 C4
Shadows - BV20 BV23